Spectra Design is an emerging creative group founded in June 2010 by Vancouver architects, a husband and wife team. It specialized in architectural design, master planning and interior design.

We believe in creativity and design excellence for each project and process. We are interested in diversity of projects in different design challenges. Each of our project embraces its own unique architectural concept, through the innovation, to commit the timeless quality. The rethinking in design process will lead us to our architecture spectrum. 




Upon graduated from University of Greenwich, UK, with BA(Hon.) Degree in Architecture in 1997, Michael engaged in diverse scale and complexity of metropolitan projects in Hong Kong. His 5-year exposure in Asia inspired his pursuance of sustainable urban living, Megastructure, and facilitated his study of Master in Architecture in University of Toronto, in 2005, with scholarship. Practicing as project architect and designer has further exhibited his dedication and capacity in unique innovation quality for different project. He has been actively participating in architectural competitions with shortlisted for his design rethink. By 2008, he committed his sustainability conscious thru LEED AP accreditation. Spectra Design Architecture Ltd. established in 2011 for creating his architecture spectrum.


Kelly Lee

Starting from her Bachelor Degree in Industrial Design from Taiwan in 2002, Kelly exhibited her talent in design from small subtle detail. Her commitment in excellence and elegance directed her to the study of Master in Architecture in University of Toronto, and valuable internship in renowned Australian firm in Shanghai in 2006. This year of aggressive achievement in accreditation and global experience brought her the appreciation of renowned global firms in Canada and further contribution opportunity. Her engaged projects are around the world in diverse scales. She has been collaborated with Michael in different architectural competitions since 2005 with finalized. By 2011, Kelly joined Spectra Design Architecture with the same vision, creating her architecture spectrum.



Chester has strong architectural and interior background. Before joining Spectra Design in 2021, Chester worked at firms in Vancouver Canada and Taipei Taiwan over the last 10 years where he contributed to and led numerous projects. His work has included a wide range of project types: from mixed-use high-rise towers and townhouses to interiors and private homes.  He has worked with diverse client groups, helping them to realize their vision by understanding their aspirations and finding design solutions to create great places.



An award winning multi-discipline creator with outstanding creativity and design capacity, George has been received lots of compliments for his design master pieces ranging from UI, graphic design, to product design across Asia and North America. George graduated from California College of the Arts in San Francisco, one of the top art schools in US. With his experiences working in the start up company in Silicon Valley, he has contributed to our creative spectrum in marketing and branding strategy.