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Megastructure as Urban Organism

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

This proposed project was showcased by eVolo magazine as one of the innovative ideas for green skyscraper.

The strategies of urbanization, especially the impacts of suburbia colonization, are a controversy. The hypothesis for this research is the influence of a higher population density in the Greater Toronto Area and how this will affect its inherent resources. The prosperity of cities depends on the smooth movement of people and goods and it is getting more difficult with the increasing sprawling developments where large portions of land are not utilized and houses, shops, and workplaces are very far from each other.

The idea for this project is the revitalization of Toronto’s existing infrastructure and to make large developments above them. The main concept is to create a mega structure as an organism that mutates depending on the attached infrastructure. This is a city within the city where habitants will work, live, and play in the same area.

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